Pitch Count Keeper

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Pitch Count Keeper allows little league coaches to easily and efficiently track the pitch counts for an unlimited number of pitchers and teams.

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About Pitch Count Keeper

Pitch Count Keeper is easy to use.  Check out the screen shots below to see just how easy it is to accurately track the number of pitches your league pitchers are hurling.

Add unlimited number of pitchers

To get started tracking pitches, simply add your very first pitcher.

Tracking Pitches the Easy Way

Easily move back and forth between outing innings to add or subtract pitches and see the current pitch count updated immediately.

See all of your pitchers and counts

The main screen of Pitch Count Keeper shows all of your pitchers along with their current total pitch counts.  Touch their name to edit the name and team of your pitcher and click the baseball icon to track an outing.

Edit any past outings easily

You can view all of the past outings for each of your pitchers and if necessary, easily and quickly update the counts for any of the innings or delete the outing entirely.

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